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About Us

Welcome to Benevolent Organization

The Brillient Health and Agri Sanstha

Welcome to The Brillient Health and Agri Sanstha. We are a non-profit benevolent organization established with a vision of holistic well-being, dedicated to fostering a healthier, more sustainable world. Founded on the principles of women’s empowerment, environmental protection and agricultural development, our organization has been a driving force in our community since its inception. We’ve established the Sakhi Mahila Training Center, a cornerstone project, offering training in various fields from Beauty Parlor management to Spice Making. Remarkably, over 15,000 girls and women have gained self-reliance through these programs.

Our “Green” project promotes tree planting in rural areas, while the “Tree Adoption Scheme” encourages individuals to contribute in spreading greenery around us. 

Furthermore, we actively support agricultural development by training farmers in sustainable and safe farming practices. Our aim is to boost crop productivity and promote the cultivation of chemical-free crops.

At the heart of our mission is a passion for creating a cleaner, greener and more equitable world. Our dedication to preserving the environment, nurturing agriculture and empowering women exemplifies our commitment to positive change and sustainable progress. We believe that, by working together, we can build a healthier and more prosperous future for all.

To promote sustainable agriculture, empower women and conserve the environment. We aim to improve livelihoods, protect nature and foster self-reliance.

We envision a world with thriving communities, green landscapes and empowered women, where nature and people coexist harmoniously.

To enhance agricultural practices, empower women through skill development and conserve the environment through tree planting and cleanliness initiatives.