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Future Plan

Growing a Greener India

Since we are dedicated to protect the environment, we have included in our future plans to expand our tree-planting initiatives across India. With your generous donations, we can make a more significant impact by producing and caring for more plants. Your support is crucial in helping us realize our vision of a greener, healthier environment. Join hands with us to contribute to a sustainable and vibrant India. Together, we can make a difference.

Producing Organic Fertilizer

Recognizing the growing health issues caused by poor-quality and adulterated crops, we’re embarking on a mission to produce safe and organic fertilizers from organic materials. Our goal is to make these fertilizers accessible to every farmer across India, promoting a society that positively impacts people’s health. However, we cannot achieve this alone. We humbly request your generous donations to support this endeavour and create a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Ladies Hostel

As a future initiative, we aspire to establish a Ladies’ Hostel dedicated to providing safe and supportive accommodation for working women. We aim to create an environment where they can live comfortably and focus on their careers without worrying about their living arrangements. This initiative seeks to empower women by ensuring their working lives are smooth, enabling them to achieve their professional goals while maintaining a secure and nurturing living space.